I was lucky enough to win a competition to have a home session with Donna. I’ve suffered in anxiety, BDD and bouts of depression throughout my adult life, on having children i suffered wih perinatal depression and subsequently PND. The 2 hours we had with Donna has been some of the best counseling I’ve experienced. The practical strategies my husband and were left wih to implement in our lives were incredible. Donna is great at what she does, she sussed me and my hubby out within an hour of talking to us!
My hubby and i are still working out our challenges but i believe the things Donna taught us to be benefiting us, slowly but surely.


Worked with Donna on a number of occasions and her empathy and understanding of difficult situations was always handled with care and respect. If I’ve ever needed support or someone to talk to Donna has always been here for me.

S.M.Bli Bli

When all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Donna introduced me to some other tools for dealing with family issues. Donna is very resourceful, empathic and perceptive in her approach.


During some of my family’s most difficult times I needed practical help and someone who would really listen, Home Harmony was there for us. I know I can call at any time if I need to.


I highly recommend Home Harmony for those seeking positive solutions. The level of service and professionalism, and the practical strategies given, are impeccable and second to none. Rest assured knowing that Home Harmony are here to listen and more importantly work with you to provide the best outcome possible within a secure, friendly and comfortable environment. For anyone seeking counselling services, I wholeheartedly recommend Home Harmony.


Professional and very sensitive to family concerns and issues. Great insight as to what strategies to put in place to bring a comforting resolution to all. Thank you Home Harmony