Our Approach:

Here at home Harmony we use a solution-focused approach, meaning your concerns are assessed and then together we set goals for what you would like to achieve or see changed.


The following is a list of Home Harmony’s beliefs and strategies, which are used directly in our sessions together:

  • We believe there is always a reason behind a child’s or adult’s behaviour and once we find and address this reason, the behaviour will disappear. For example, children especially, often do not know how to express their needs for security, control, consistency etc. and feel helpless as a result. This feeling of helplessness often manifests as tantrums, defiance, over-sensitivity etc.
  • We use practical, effective, simple to follow strategies, which you will be able to implement yourself between sessions. We are aware clients who are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, will immediately feel a sense of control and relief when they are given a practical tool they can rely on.
  • We believe everyone is unique and we will adjust the approach and strategies to what works best for each client.
  • We believe it is important for Counsellors to be caring and approach sessions with an attitude free of judgment. We will dedicate our passion, resources, knowledge and energy to every session; however we believe it is crucial for both client and Counsellor to be equally committed to the client’s progress.

These sessions are your sessions and what is valuable to you and your family will always be respected.

About Donna:


Donna Spittles is Bachelor Qualified Counsellor with extensive experience working with families and children. Donna has a passion for helping parents, couples and families find relief from conflict and stress utilising workable, effective strategies.

As a parent herself, Donna understands the burdens and demands modern families face today. Her unique style of empathy and honesty means she provides her clients with a sense of confidence as well as knowing their voice will be heard.

Donna is a warm, approachable therapist who is quick to earn the trust of both adults and children and her commitment to progress is evident in all her client interactions. Donna is a member of the ACA Counselling Association of Australia and ensures she practices within their set Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct guidelines.